Tract Introductions

A MISERABLE DOCTRINE is the testimony of one who found enormous relief and a new face of God in finding out the truth about eternal torment.

A LIVING HELL takes a look at some of the bible terms used to teach unending torture in a "living hell".

REALLY? points up how confusing two antithetical words - life and death- have become in order to support currant, popular ideas.

BELIEVE THREE, SAY ONE demonstrates what one must actually believe to believe in the Trinity.

I WILL COME AGAIN The context of this phrase gives generous help in understanding what Jesus meant by "I will come again". It does not teach our going to heaven at death or Jesus’ return to earth.

INHERITANCE Christians are called "heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ". This means an inheritance is involved. What is it?

THE GLORY Here is a real test of interpreting the bible by using the bible. This passage in John 17 is thought by many to say simply that before Jesus was born He lived with God in heaven ("glory") and, at death, or shortly thereafter, was going back to that same place of glory. Jesus did not have heaven in mind.

MORE GREEK THAN HEBREW It is a forgotten fact that Christianity did not originate with the Gentiles but with the Jews (Hebrews). All Christians at first were Jews. Christianity is "build upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets" ( all Jews). It started out more Hebrew than Greek but has been changed.

FREEDOM Freedom of conscience in religion was almost unknown in much of Europe for centuries. The Christian faith was dictated by the church and enforced by the State. Ever wonder how it is that we in America ended up with such freedom to believe and practice our personal understanding of faith without fear of the authorities?

HOW MANY? "How many Gods do you worship?" was the question put before a Baptist congregation by their minister, Sidney Hatch. It’s still a good question for any congregation.

THY KINGDOM COME If heaven is the future home of the saints and many are already there with Jesus in His kingdom in heaven, why would Jesus teach us to pray to God, “Thy kingdom come”?  And why would Jesus come back to earth?  The Kingdom of God is the future hope of all of God’s people and it is not in heaven.  That’s why Jesus must come back to earth.

THERE IS A JUDGE Most of these brief writings are designed to stimulate people to start listening more closely to what they are hearing from their church and the religious world (or what their own religious views are) as compared to what the bible is saying.  Unfortunately, we cannot always take it for granted the two are always compatible. “There is a Judge” reminds us that there is a standard that will be used in some form of future judgment and since it is available to us today, we should look closely at it.

DEFYING DEATH Have you missed the meaning of the resurrection?  The resurrection of Jesus gives us a clear example of its meaning for Christians.

ABSENT FROM THE BODY More than any other passage 2Corinthians 5:6-9 is the proof text for those who wish to support their belief in the immortal soul; that death is the death only of the body and that the person does not die but can and does live on in a disembodied state (as a spirit).  It seems to them that this is what Paul wants; to put off this present body in death so his soul is free go to be with the Lord in heaven.  In fact, he argues against being devoid of body “unclothed” and is really expressing his desire to be “clothed” with his “heavenly body”, i.e., resurrected when Christ returns.

WHAT’S IN YOUR VIEW?  Many crucial promises rely on the literal second coming of Christ Jesus.  One word in particular expresses that His return will be literal because it will be visible.  Five of six occurrences of the word “appearing” apply to Christ’s coming as visible and we can conclude, therefore, that those promises which rely on His coming will be literal as well.

WHAT’S THE PROBLEM? How can you solve a problem that does not exist? Adam and Eve were not ejected from heaven but from the garden in Eden, from the midst of the paradise where God placed them. So why should we believe the solution lies in going to heaven? Redemption is reclaiming what was lost and a place in heaven was never lost.

DENYING THE LORD. Being widely accepted does not make any bible doctrine acceptable- or unacceptable. One of the great problems with the widely accepted doctrine of the immortality of the soul, that man does not really die at all, is that it then becomes necessary to apply it to Jesus. To believe that Jesus "didn't really die" is to deny our own purchase price of redemption.

SUFFERED AND DIED: Christians tend to be impressed with Christ's suffering but not with His death. Being impressed or stirred does not substitute for truth. The truth is that Christ died as well as suffered. A great numbers of Christians deny Christ's death by teaching that while his body hung on the cross or lay in a tomb, Jesus Himself was in hades preaching the souls of those who had died (?) during the flood. Such a denial of His death is a denial of the gospel of the death, burial and resurrection of Christ (1Cor.15:1-3).

HAVE YOU HEARD THE GOOD NEWS? Immediately Christians in the United States assume almost everyone has. But in fact, almost no one has. They have heard of the good news of the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus but that in itself does not constitute the gospel message. The gospel is and has always been the good news of the coming Kingdom of God.

FULL CIRCLE. The gospel of the Kingdom of God ties all elements of salvation together. It demonstrates that God's great work of creation was not the mistake of some shortsighted dreamer because His creation, and not just the man part, will be redeemed and glorified.