Matt. 27:15-53

Countryside Bible Church 3-21-99



Jesus to Israel Israel's Response God to Jesus
Jesus' Last Our Last God's Last

Intro: When Jesus breathed his last and died on the cross of crucifixion, the bible says

... the curtain of the temple was torn ... Matthew 27:51

Such outward signs signify that something indeed profound happened. The death of Jesus was a dividing of the ways. It was a watershed in time and in the history of salvation. It marked the closing of one age and the opening of another. It marked the end of manís righteousness and the beginning of Godís righteousness.

Leading up to this eminent event were some significant last words we ill consider this morning. They are weighty last words. They meaningful last words that should sober us all.

Jesusí Last Words to Israel

Godís Kingdom is "taken from you"

... the kingdom of God will be taken away ... Matthew 21:43

Literally to "sail away, weight anchor"

"Kingdom" meaning they were Godís people "children of the kingdom", chosen to carry on Godís work and chosen to be heirs of His eternal Kingdom.


Israelís Last Words

"Crucify him"

1. They not only said it, they did it.

This man was handed over to you ... and you, ... put him to death by nailing him to the cross. Acts 2:23

Let His Blood be on Us

... "Let his blood be on us ... Matthew 27:25

Words mean something. They had little idea what theirs would mean.

Their city was destroyed. Their nation was laid waste. No national people have been so marked and persecuted throughout their history as has Israel.


Godís Last Word to Jesus

Jesusí Midnight Hour Request

Remove this Cup Ė if it be possible.

... may this cup be taken from me. ... Matthew 26:39

Same prayer 3 times

... and prayed the third time,... Matthew 26:44

Godís Answer


Why silence? Was that an answer?

Jesus knew the answer. Silence was an answer.


Jesusí Very Last Words

"It is finished"  John 19:30 

Jesus completed the work of atonement

He met the demands of righteousness

He died in for our sin in order that we may be counted worthy in him


What Will Our Last Words Be?

I want everything my life has to offer.

I want all the money I can earn to spend as I please

I want all the advantages my talents will provide

Itís my life, I want to live it as I please

I want everything thatís coming to me

You donít want very much

B. I want everything His life has to offer

I want to share in the accomplishments of His life and death

I want to be a beneficiary of his "finished" work

I want the inheritance that comes from God

C. Visit Any Cemetery

What would God write on the tombstones?

He lived life to the hilt

He took everything he could get

He spent it all

He is bankrupt.


God's Last Word To All

A Court Date is Set

Acts 17:31, 30

 In the past God overlooked such ignorance, but now he commands all people everywhere to repent. 

"Transmitted a message" ("commands")

That message is "repent".

Message hasnít changed,

"Brothers, what shall we do?"

  Acts 2:37-38



Conclusion: The cross is Godís final word. Jesus' death completed Godís work of atonement. God will not negotiate. There are no options. The message has been transmitted. Donít wait for further instructions. For 2000 years Godís has added nothing or changed nothing. His silence says all He needs to say.