Matthew 21:1-17

Countryside Bible Church  March 28, 1999



Irresistible Glory

Riding on a Donkey

Son of David

Irrepressible Glory


Can you imagine the emotions that were pressing in upon our Lord?  He was entering Zion, the City of God.  He was only days away from the dreaded ordeal of his trial and crucifixion.  This hour had weighted heavily upon him for some time as he revealed much earlier when he said, Luke 12:50

   But I have a baptism to undergo, and how distressed I am until it is completed! 

It was not only a time of dread, it was a time of excitement.  Hot and cold.  Chilling and exciting. 

The people were excited.  Celebration of the Passover was near.  It was like they were on vacation.   Many had traveled distances to be at Jerusalem for this national and religious festival.

Jesus was mindful of the excitement.  It was the perfect time for him to prefigure both the glory of his servant hood and the glory of his kingship.


I.                                          Gentle and Riding on a Donkey v. 5

A.      Kings Don’t Ride on Donkeys

1.       This one does

2.       Even kings start at the bottom

B.      Like King David

1.       "Now then, tell my servant David, 'This is what the LORD Almighty says: I took you from the pasture ... 2Samuel 7:8-9

C.      Unseen Glory

1.       “Your king comes to you…” – Humble, as your servant, dying for you.

2.        Jesus’ first order was to humble himself, to suffer, to bring salvation

3.       Like King David.  He saved his people from Goliath.  He faced ridicule and scorn.

D.      It is Our Example of Glory too

1.       ... to your credit ... endure it, this is commendable before God.  [21] To this you were called, because Christ suffered for you, ... 1 Peter 2:20-21

2.       Servant is not greater than his master

... 'No servant is greater than his master.' If they persecuted me, they will persecute you also. If they obeyed my teaching, they will obey yours also. John 15:19-20

II.                                       “Hosanna to the Son of David

A.      King like David

1.       ... He will proclaim peace to the nations.  His rule will extend from sea to sea and from the River to the ends of the earth. Zech. 9:9-10

2. He will rule from sea to sea and from the River to the ends of the earth. 

    ... All kings will bow down to him and all nations will serve him. Psalm 72:8-11

3.    I will proclaim the decree of the LORD: He said to me, "You are my Son; today I have become your Father.  [8] Ask of me, and I will make the nations your inheritance, the ends of the earth your possession. Psalm 2:7-8

III.                         Irrepressible Glory

A.       “Stones will cry out” (Lk, 19:40)

1.       What does this say?

2.       There is repression in this world

3.       “Rebuke” ie; censure or require them to shut up.

4.       Sometimes the truth breaks through even religious authority

5.       “Out of the mouth of children (unlearned people) ...  Matthew 21:16

B.      Some thing are irrepressible

1.       This moment was too great.

2.       Illustrated the great day when Jesus will ascend his promised throne of glory

C.      It foreshadows your abundance entrance into the kingdom.

1.       and you will receive a rich welcome ... 2 Peter 1:11

2.       For so an entrance shall be ministered unto you abundantly into the everlasting kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 

D.      It demonstrates the unstoppable purpose of God in the face of all opposition

1.       He who did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for us all--how will he not also, along with him, graciously give us all things?  [33] Who will bring any charge against those whom God has chosen? It is God who justifies.  [34] Who is he that condemns? Christ Jesus, who died--more than that, who was raised to life--is at the right hand of God and is also interceding for us. Romans 8:32-34

The sting of death is sin, and the power of sin is the law.  [57] But thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. 1 Cor. 15:56-57



Conclusion:  The Christian needs to be more than a little aware of resistance present in this present world.  Resistance to continued faithfulness.  Resistance the true gospel.  It can come in many guises and different sources.  During Jesus’ earthly ministry it came most acutely from religious authorities of the Jewish faith, what would have been considered the orthodox faith. 

He needs to be aware also that there is nothing in this world or the next than can take invalidate the promises of God or rob him or her of the inheritance God has them.    Victory is irrepressible for those who are faithful. 

... I will also keep you from the hour of trial that is going to come ... so that no one will take your crown. Rev. 3:10-11